Instructions for importing the Software Reliability Predictions into Isograph Reliability Workbench.

1.       Export the software reliability predictions using the Export button on the Export Tab of the Frestimate System Reliability Model tool.

2.       Launch Isograph Reliability Workbench.

3.       Select the File menu option.  Select the New Project file option.

4.       Select the File Import option.

5.       Select “Excel” from the Type field.  Select the Browse button and select the file that you just created in step 1. Make sure that the “Column names in first row” box is checked.

6.       Select the Table Matches tab.  Select the Auto Match button.

7.       Select the Column Matches tab.  Notice that there are 7 items in the Table Match selection list.

8.       Select the Auto Match button for each of the 7 items in the Table Match list.


9.       When all 7 tables have been “auto matched” then press the Import button.

10.   When the import is complete select the RBD option.  The software LRUs are placed into the SY1 RBD page.  All of the software LRUs are placed in series with each other.  Each software LRU should be placed in series with the hardware that it supports.  For example, if the system is an automobile the transmissions control software should be in series with the transmissions control hardware. If the software LRUs don’t align with the hardware LRUs a discussion with the software and firmware engineers should be initiated.

11.   Select the Fault Tree option.  For each software LRU, a fault tree has been created.  The top level failure rate for each software LRU is apportioned to each of the 28 failure modes based on your inputs to the Fault Tree Options tab in the Frestimate System Reliability Model tool.  These fault trees can be merged into the system level fault trees.

12.    All of the failure models are imported as per the Failure Model tab.  All of the events have been imported as per the Fault tree options tab.