Installing the DoDi SRE Planning Tool


Before you begin you will need to have Administrator privileges to install the DoDi SRE Planning Tool.  You should also have a copy of the DoDi 5000.2 and the IEEE 1633 Recommended Practices for Software Reliability, 2016. 


1.       Download the installation file to your computer.  Usually downloads from the internet are downloaded to the “Downloads” folder as shown below.  Right click on the DodiSRESetup.exe file as shown below

2.       Select the “Run as administrator”.  Make sure that you have administrator privileges prior to installing.  You do not need them once the tool is installed.

3.       The setup will begin and the below page is displayed. Press the “Next” button.

4.       The program will install and the below page is displayed. Press the “Finish” button.

5.       The software is installed into the “C:/Dodi SRE Planning Tool” folder.  However, once it is installed the program will run from any folder that has write access. The “Dodi SRE Planning.exe” can be launched either directly from its folder as shown below….

….Or from the shortcut created on your desktop as shown below:

 Proceed to the Operating Instructions