Online Software Reliability Training

This self guided online class presents step by step instructions and examples for predicting software reliability.  Students do not need to travel to take the course and can view the material in more than one sitting at any time of day.  This course is intended to provide you with everything you need for practical application of software reliability on real world projects.   This 2 day course focuses entirely on methods to predict software reliability before the code is written.  This class is geared towards reliability engineers, systems engineers, software managers or leads, software quality assurance and test engineers.

What this course has that other courses do not have
  • The methods presented in this course are recommended as per the IEEE 1633 Recommended Practices for Software Reliability, 2016.
  • The software reliability prediction assessment presented in this course is NOT AVAILABLE in any other software reliability course. 
  • The method for using the software reliability assessment to make improvements and do benchmarking is NOT AVAILABLE in any other software reliability course.
  • This course is presented by a leading industry practitioner for practitioners while other courses are more suitable for academia.
  • Each course attendee receives a single user license to a software reliability toolkit
What you will be able to do after taking this course
  • Predict defects, failure rate, MTTF, MTTCF, availability, reliability and defect density of the software BEFORE the code is written.  These predictions will be for future points in time during testing and operation. 
  • These predictions are then used to determine the staffing needed for testing and field support. 
  • Software managers can also determine how to ensure that the software releases are spaced to minimize unscheduled maintenance that causes the next project to be late.
  • If you are acquiring software products you will also know how to assess the reliability of vendor supplied software.
Table of contents
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