Frestimate Screen Shots

The tasks for performing a prediction are arranged from left to right. First, you will predict the effective (new or modified) size. Then you will then complete one or more surveys to predict defect density.  These screen shots show the results.  See the Shortcut, Full-scale, Sensitivity Analysis and WhenToStop links for more images of the inputs screens.

Frestimate software reliability software
Predict software defects

The model predicts the software defects over several releases. This makes it easier to detect defect pileup over several releases.

Predict software failure rate, predict software MTBF

From the defect profile, the failure rate and MTBF, MTBCF and MTBI profiles are predicted. The failure rate and MTTF can and will change as defects are removed from the software as long as the removal doesn't introduce new defects.

Predict software availability, Predict software reliability

The software availability profile is predicted from the software MTBCF and the required mission time.

Frestimate software reliability software

The software reliability profile is predicted from the MTBCF and the predicted mean time to software restore (MTSWR)