The below is a comparison of Frestimate and the Software Reliability Toolkit to other software reliability tools.

Desired Feature CASRE, SMERFS Keene model Frestimate
Supports software reliability prediction prior to the code being written No.


Supports software reliability growth models used during testing and beyond Yes. No. Yes, the manager's edition which contains the WhenToStop module
Supports multi-parameter prediction models. Multi-parameter models are generally more accurate then single parameter models. No. No.  The model included is a single parameter model. Yes, the Shortcut model, Full-scale Models A,B and C, the Closest Database match and the Rome Laboratory Model.
Compares your results with other projects that are similar in application type or maturity No. No. Yes.
Sensitivity analysis No No Yes.  You can determine which practices have the biggest and smallest return on investment with regards to reducing defects.
Warranty and testing staffing No No Yes.  The models are very useful for planning maintenance and test staffing as well as avoiding defect pileup.
Has wizards to help you understand your inputs and outputs No. No. Yes.
Measures all 5 parameters's

Process, People, Product, Risks and Techniques

No. Not all of these are measured. Yes.