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Software Reliability

We have the hard facts from 150+ real software projects


July 13th and 14th - Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis (SFMEA) training class in Cleveland, OH

Use an assessment survey to predict escaped defects, defect density for your project.  Compare that prediction to those in your industry. Mathematically identify:

  • Gaps and strengths that contribute the most to defects
  • Practices to embrace when improving software reliability
  • Practices to avoid when improving software reliability
  • Practices that don't provide return on investment

That assessment is then used predict failure rate, MTTF, MTTCF, MTBEFF, MTBSA, MTBI, availability and reliability before the code is even written.

We have identified more than 400 software root cause/failure mode pairs and the life cycle phase in which each is most visible. Often times the actual failure modes are quite different than what the software engineers think. Failure Modes analysis is essential for targeting the defects that matter the most.